Visiting Tour of Ala-Too Law students to the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic

December 7, 2019

Due to the invitation of the Deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the fifth and sixth convocations of the Kyrgyz Republic, Dastan Bekeshev, the AlaToo law students visited the Jogorku Kenesh, were able to attend meetings of the Parliament, personally meet with Mr. Bekeshev and his assistants and ask them questions.
During the tour, students were introduced with the History of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, got acquainted with the working moments of the Deputes and talk with the members of the Parliament. Mr. Bekeshev donated the book to the AIU Law Program. The trip to the Parliament was pretty interesting for all AIU law students.
One of the AIU law students – Ms. Zhanara Eralieva - shared her thoughts after visiting the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic: “The main building of our country has very specific interior. It felt like we moved in space and fell into the Soviet Union. The walls and construction were made of marble which gave the building a special majesty. All the furniture was also old and did not match with the spirit of Jogorku Kenesh. However, it had its own peculiarity. Our trip began from personal checking then we moved to the upper floors where we saw library, staff offices, office of one of the deputies and parliament meeting. At the parliament meeting the deputies were discussing the third paragraph of Collective Security Treaty Organization which was taking place in the city of Bishkek. Finally, the main and in my opinion the most interesting part of our trip was meeting with activist, author of many bills and Deputy of Parliament - Dastan Bekeshev. I was very impressed by his open-mindedness, sincerity and joviality. The AIU law students were asking different questions, we talked about upcoming parliamentary elections, peaceful rally and other topics that bothering us as citizens. He answered on our questions honestly and objectively. In addition, he gave a gift for us - a book. In my opinion, this visit tour opened the eyes of many of us and some of the students got excited and desired to work in the Jogorku Kenesh. In any case, it was informative to see how servants of the people are working.”