Vision and Mission


The Vision of the Ala-Too International University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is to become the leading education provider in economics, finance, international relations, management and law leadership in the world within the next decade. It aims to achieve this Vision by offering the best financial aids, privilege and distinctive, innovative educational opportunities for the future, public leaders.


The mission statement of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Ala-Too International University is to provide, through both teaching and research, a better understanding of the global, national and local economic issues that will confront our society now and in the future. Our faculty gives students an experience in Economics and Administrative Education that will help them to become productive citizens and to develop successful careers.
It aims to fulfill this Mission by:

  •  Giving students the necessary background to pursue advanced studies in the field of economics, finance, international relations, management, law, and in related fields.
  •  Giving students the intellectual capability and flexibility to be successful in a dynamic, global environment.
  •  Design, develop and deliver a high-quality educational experience at the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels of study, which is priority of the Faculty.
  •  Giving students necessary education to become professionals, which have high international standards.